Boycott San Francisco & Los Angeles

Subject: Boycott San Francisco & LA

I am totally confused by the outcry from officials from San Francisco and Los Angeles who are calling for a Boycott of Arizona. What am I missing here? Because of the Illegal immigration problem, Arizona is the kidnap capital of America. An Arizona Rancher was just recently murdered by an Illegal alien on his own property. Tons of illegal drugs are being hauled into the US from Mexico across the Arizona desert. There is a full on drug war going on below our southern border with dozens of innocents being killed daily! Our Nation is being invaded by a foreign Country and our Federal Government is doing nothing to stop it!

Officials in Arizona have taken steps to protect their own people by passing a new mandate that requires the Police to detain and deport illegal aliens. San Francisco, and today, Los Angeles officials are calling for a Boycott of Arizona, because they think the illegals will be harassed, or they don’t think Arizona has the right to protect itself from murderers, rapist, thieves and kidnappers who have illegally crossed the border into their State. What part of illegal don’t they understand? Am I the only one who believes that we as a sovereign nation have an obligation to protect our borders? Is it not the obligation of our Government to protect its Citizenry? Why is it so hard to grasp this concept? Have we as a Nation lost our minds?

They say if we had to give America an enema, they would stick the tube into San Francisco. I am so tired of the arrogance of the elected officials who represent the mindset of a small minority of mindless gnomes who think they are entitled to take over our Country and demand I give them everything that I have worked hard for.

As of today, I am calling for a boycott of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Don’t visit, shop, or eat in either city. Come June 8th and November 2012 we are obligated to clean up this cesspool and vote all these idiots out of office!


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3 Responses to Boycott San Francisco & Los Angeles

  1. bdamia says:

    As far as I’m concerned, the definition of “illegal” is “prohibited by law or official accepted rules”. If ANYONE is here “illegally” and without proof of official legal status, they not only should be forced to leave, every state should enforce the law without exception.
    If the concern is “profiling” someone because of the way they look or the language they speak, then so be it…people are “profiled” every day at train stations, airports, sporting events and every type of tourist attraction in Washington D.C.
    If Arizona is (in attempt to protect it’s border and it’s legal residents) doing what they need to do to feel safe, where is the injustice in that ?

    • I was listening to the Dennis Miller Radio Show last night. He thinks (for now) we should all bite our tongues and hold our peace on the matter of illegal immigration until it is time to cast our votes on election day. Then, he went on to say, we should desend on our polling places (before they open) to pull the lever on these idiots in office. Dennis says if we all voted early in the morning, the progressive “brain dead” politicians would not have to wait until the polls close to figure out their services are no longer needed.

  2. Kevin says:

    The current President in charge of providing for the national defense and security of its citizens has decided to stage a civil unrest in direct conflict to the edicts of the federal government, setting the stage for martial law and a potential civil war. This plays right into the hands and plans of the “Progressive effort for a one world Government” Imagine UN peacekeepers inside our borders or Worse “a civilian force just as large and just as well funded as our Military” doing the bidding of whoever is willing to pay their salary. Hello Blackwater, where are you now?
    Does anyone really believe the protestors in Arizona, Live in Arizona? It is time for “Legal Latin Americans” and All Americans to stand up and be heard and to defend our common interests by defending our borders and our constitution by doing exactly what you suggest, Vote out the Corruption! People Like Arlan Spector and Crist from Florida who switch parties in midterm have no truth in their convictions because they do not have any, except self-preservation. Anyone who voted to award a stimulus should be asked to leave office. Wake up you democrats and understand that your party has been hijacked by the progressive left, code name socialist redistribution of your wealth and your rights to be free. I am sure glad I am not a doctor. I would have to Move to New Zealand or somewhere else, where they still practice free enterprise and support the right for the persons willing to take the risk, the right to be successful.
    One world government is their goal. Taking from you to achieve this goal is their mission.

    Here is a verified rumor. Mitt Romney has bought a house in La Jolla and intends to contend for the senate seat currently occupied by Barbara Boxer.

    Have a great day in the Lord

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